Notable Cases

Our firm has achieved notable results in the areas of business disputes and commercial law

GP and RC v. Confidential Entertainment Company

Our clients, two shareholders and officers of a Los Angeles entertainment company, were sued by its lenders and investors for fraud and breach of fiduciary duties in connection with loans made of which $56 Million could not be accounted for. After years of contentious litigation and a successful summary judgment motion, the case was dismissed against one client and soon thereafter we secured an extremely favorable settlement for the second.

Maudlin v. Vasa

Our client, the CEO of a successful technology company, was sued by a former executive level employee for breach of fiduciary duties and breach of contract in connection with a multi-million dollar retirement plan that had ceased making payments to the employee. After a two week trial, we successfully obtained a verdict holding that our client owed no duties to the former employee and then successfully had the judgment affirmed on appeal.

Xiamen Trade Co., Ltd., v. Pear Connection, Inc., et al.,

Our clients, international clothing wholesalers, were sued by a Chinese corporation for breach of contract and fraud in connection with non-payment of roughly $1.5 million in goods sold and delivered and which our clients then resold at roughly twice the purchase price. We took the matter to trial and successfully limited the introduction of evidence regarding the resale of goods and then had several causes of action as well as the prayer for punitive damages dismissed and then successfully argued that damages cannot exceed 5.1% of the total invoice amount.

First Mortgage Corporation, v. Francis, et al.,

Our client, a real estate broker, was sued by a national mortgage bank alleging that the broker was the principal in a vast conspiracy involving real estate agents, appraisers, escrow officers, buyers and sellers or real estate all of whom participated in a scheme to artificially inflate real estate values, obtained loans against real estate and then split the proceeds amongst the co-conspirators and then defaulted on the loan notes leaving the bank with millions of dollars in bad debts. Our first goal was to get the broker’s insurance company to tender a defense and pay attorney’s fees and costs. We succeeded. We then moved aggressively to dismiss the case against our client. After heavy litigation and years of legal maneuvering, our motion for judgment on the pleadings was granted and the case was dismissed. The dismissal was appealed but the appellate court agreed with our arguments and affirmed the dismissal.

Shaheen Knitwear v. Kenpo, Inc.

Our client was sued for nonpayment of roughly $6.7 million for goods sold and delivered and the manufacturer filed an Application for a Right to Attach Order which the Court granted. We immediately appealed and moved to stay execution of the Writ. Our appeal was successful and the Writ was set aside.

Confidential International Designer v. KS et al.,

Our clients were sued by an internationally famous fashion house for selling counterfeit clothing numbering over hundred thousand pieces of clothing. With careful planning and aggressive litigation, we convinced the fashion house to dismiss its claims without our client having to pay any monetary settlement.

Timed Out, Inc., v. NP, et al.,

Our client, a successful business owner, was sued for various trademark infringement claims. After successfully securing a defense from his insurance company, we pushed the litigation and forced the Plaintiff to settle the matter for a waiver of costs.

SV v. NB

This case has significant meaning for us although it is not one of our larger cases. Here, a scam artist befriended our client under the pretense of creating a long lasting personal relationship perhaps leading to marriage. The scammer then convinced our client to give him her life savings and when exhausted, he left her without a word. We took this case to trial and obtained a judgment for every penny the scammer stole and also got a punitive damage award for $250,000.

Confidential Company v. SW et al.,

Our client was one of two partners in a successful durable medical equipment company. His partner filed a complaint to suspend our client’s management powers and moved to expel him from the business. We responded aggressively by filing a cross complaint against the business partner and forced him to settle on our client’s terms. Today, our client owns 100% of the business.

SP v. Confidential Company

Our client held a minority interest in a successful specialty printing company catering to the entertainment industry. The majority owner refused to disclose the company’s financials and terminated our client’s employment when records were demanded. This was a difficult case because our client’s partnership agreement was extremely one sided in favor of the majority owner and also because our client unknowingly committed certain acts known to the majority owner and which provided a valid reason for termination of employment. Nevertheless, we believed in this case and in our client and through aggressive litigation and investigation discovered damaging information about the majority owner which we then used to secure a very substantial monetary settlement for our client.

Johnson v. Blue Man Productions, LLC., Los Angeles, California

Obtained a judgment of dismissal against complaint alleging violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Unruh Act. The Plaintiff, claiming to be hearing impaired, alleged that he was unable to comprehend over 25 videos on the website because the videos were not captioned or accompanied by a transcript and that as a result Plaintiff was unable to attend the Blue Man shows in San Diego, California. Plaintiff sought declaratory relief asking that every video be captioned or provided with a transcript and also asked for statutory damages of $4,000 for each of some seventy times he attempted to view the Blue Man videos. M&G challenged the complaint on several legal and factual grounds including that a website was not a place of public accommodation as that term is defined under the Unruh Act and on the grounds Plaintiff simply had failed to establish any injury. The Court agreed and dismissed Plaintiff’s complaint without leave to amend.

Manji v. Ramo, San Diego, California

Successfully represented client in three consolidated adversary proceedings in the bankruptcy court and twenty one state court actions arising from the conversion and looting of millions of dollars from one of San Diego’s largest dental practice groups. The cases were aggressively litigated for close to two years and we ultimately prevailed in establishing that our client was not the individual responsible for looting the various corporations but that his business partner was the culprit. In the end, we negotiated agreements with the various creditors releasing our client from liability and most importantly allowing him to keep his professional practice free of any liens.