“I have had the opportunity to work with Abe on several matters over the last 10 years. He has also served as a mentor to me. He has always been engaged and a thorough advocate for his clients. He fully understands all the litigation tools at his disposal to address the issues in a case that are in the best interests of the client. He’s a great business litigator and I never hesitate to send clients to him.”

M.A., Orange County Corporate Attorney

“Abraham is a straight shooter and does what is best for his clients.”

V.T., Corporate Lawyer

“I have seen the high level of skill, effort and passion that Mr. Mathew can bring to a case. On the case in which I observed his work, I respect his practical approach and effort to keep legal expenses under control while still putting on a strong defense.”

D.M., Florida Business Attorney

“I am an attorney who occasionally runs into a business litigation problem I need to refer out to a knowledgeable colleague. Abraham Mathew is at the top of my list for litigation referrals because he is knowledgeable, client-friendly, creative and successful.”

R.K., Los Angeles Attorney

“I wholeheartedly recommend Abraham as a business litigation attorney. From early-stage negotiation through discovery, mediation, and trial, Abraham is at the top of the game.”

A.K., Corporate Attorney

“I heartily recommend Abraham to anyone looking for a business trial attorney. Abraham is very bright, experienced and has impeccable integrity. He will zealously advocate for his clients in an ethical way. Abraham is very tough and will not be pushed around! He is also a great guy!”

B.H.., Business Attorney

“Abraham Mathew has been my business attorney for over 15 years and has handled dozens of cases on my behalf. He has always come through for me – whether taking a case all the way through trial or quietly settling a matter out of court. He thinks like a businessman – I like that.”

Ken S