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Dog Bite

Generally, dogs make wonderful companions since they tend to be loyal, loving, and friendly. When properly cared for and trained, a canine is safe to be around. Not every owner is responsible and when not kept on a leash or properly monitored, accidents can happen which can leave others hurt due to bites.

Criteria for a Dog Case

Factors that affect your case include:

  • Severity of Injuries
  • Medical Expenses
  • Hospitalization
  • Scarring or disfigurement
  • Lost income

Depending on the injury, your medical bills may include costly procedures such as physical therapy or plastic surgery. You should not be the one to take care of these bills.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles

Whether the dog bit you during a walk or got out of your neighbor’s yard, the responsibility of the dog’s actions rest on the owner. If your injury has cost you income or money due to medical bills, an attorney can help you recover compensation for your bills. At Mathew & George, we deal with personal injury claims that include dog bites. Do not suffer any more than you have to for an accident that wasn’t your fault. Contact our office by calling (310)478-4349.

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