Injunction Function


What is an Injunction?

An injunction is judicial remedy, or a court order, that requires a party to do and refrain from conducting specific acts. Were the party to ignore or fail to adhere to the injunction, penalties include imprisonment, fines, or held in contempt of court.

Types of Injunctions

In business, injunctions are given when one business feels another is infringing upon them through services, defamation, or patent violation. There are two types of injunctions that a court will grant. A preliminary injunction is given before the court date, and it rare to receive. Or a Permanent injunction that is given after trial. In order to be granted either you must prove irreparable injury that does not have a satisfactory remedy, the balance of hardship cuts strongly against giving an injunction, and it does not disserve public interest.

Business Litigation on Los Angeles

With so much to prove, garnering an injunction can be a tricky endeavor. With the assistance of an attorney, you can be well on your way to getting back to business as usual. The attorneys here at George & Mathew are well-versed in business law and will aid you in getting your injunction. Contact us at (310)478-4349.

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