Knowing When You Need Business Litigation Lawyer

Business in Need

It is common for a company to have minor upsets now and again that can affect business efficiency, but they eventually pass and its business as normal. When it comes to disputes that involve finances, warranty, and contract issues, then it is time to hire a business litigation lawyer.

Commercial & Internal

There are two types of litigation that can occur with a business, commercial and internal. A commercial dispute involves another business, a customer, or suppliers. The legal issues that usually come up are interference with business or contractual relations, misrepresentations, and contract disputes.
Internal business disputes come from within the company. These include disputes among shareholders, directors, owners and partners. A business litigation lawyer can offer counseling that can assist in choosing the right action for the company.

Business Litigation in Los Angeles

Business owners in Los Angeles can relax knowing that the Law Office of Mathew & George can help them settle any dispute. T speak to one of our experienced attorneys to find out more, contact our office at (310)478-4349.

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