Commercial Litigation

Our firm ensures fair practices in an ever-competitive business world

Most businesses go about their work with the best of intentions. They play by the rules and win in the marketplace by providing quality products and superior services while utilizing smart planning and creative strategies. But third parties invariably can throw a wrench into the works.

It might be a customer, a supplier, a competitor, an employee or even a stakeholder in the enterprise that initiates litigation. The dispute might be over a breach of contract, fraud, negligence, disputes involving the sale of goods or supply of services or commercial leases. When matters pertaining to disability access create unworkable conditions, it often begins with litigation.

In many scenarios, a writ of attachment can be a powerful tool to enable a business to maintain operations while under litigation. But the long-term solution to litigation is to work with an experienced and strong litigator. Attorney Abraham Mathew came into his career as a lawyer more than 15 years ago after working in international finance and the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, both environments that provided a foundational understanding of high-stakes business litigation. We often work with companies that are up against larger and better-financed adversaries who attempt to use the state and federal court system to derail legitimate business operations.

Our firm works to ensure that business is conducted on a fair playing field by providing the best legal representation in litigious disputes.

Here are some of the areas we can assist you with:

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