Breach of Contract

Our firm approaches breaches of contract as the serious matters they are

Historians claim that legal contracts had much to do with the advance of civilizations. By deduction, it might be concluded that breaches of contracts pull things back just a bit.

It is a fact of business life that not all parties live up to the original agreements, and that commercial litigation is necessary for establishing and enforcing the strength of contracts. Much trust goes into shipping goods via third-party shippers to customers, for example, but that trust must be contractually verified. Employees sign contracts as well but can be remarkably creative at violating the terms of those contracts. These are common and unfortunate occurrences in thriving businesses and must be managed in a consistent and effective way.

Commercial litigation should be about ensuring a business functions as intended. As an experienced business litigator, Abraham Mathew is well practiced at identifying and challenging contractual aberrations and answering breach of contract lawsuits with effective legal strategies. He and his firm are forthright with clients as to what is possible, what is probable and how to enable the business to operate with minimal or no loss in the face of these types of legal challenges.

The objective of commercial litigation is not the litigation itself. It is to ensure the solid future and successful growth of the enterprise.

If your business contract has been breached or if a company is not honoring its contract, call us today at (310) 478-4349 or submit your information online to schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can help you. Timing is essential in these cases and a quick a forceful action is required to protect your business interests.