Commercial Leases

Our firm provides expert and experienced commercial lease litigation counsel

Leases on commercial space or major equipment represent a significant financial commitment between lessees and lessors. When things go awry, the very existence of the business may be at stake. These types of disputes are significant and require the experience and expertise of a seasoned business law firm like ours.

Potential disputes are not typically on the minds of signatories at the time of negotiating and executing a lease contract. If it is a retail, warehouse or office location, all focus is on the business that will be eventually operating on the premises. Where large-scale and expensive equipment is concerned, the focus is on how it will generate a positive return over the cost and term of the lease.

As an experienced commercial litigation attorney, Abraham Mathew knows that best laid plans and best intentions do not always work out. Because multi-year contracts can involve six, seven and eight figures, that can spell serious problems for both parties. The finer print of commercial leases often bring unsettling news regarding fair market value clauses, premises or equipment maintenance, physical malfunctions and repairs, early terminations, failure to pay rent and hidden charges.

Our law firm doesn’t shy away from aggressive litigation in these matters. But that doesn’t mean a negotiated settlement cannot be accomplished – more often that not, that is a successful outcome. What is important is to keep both the business and the property producing income, such that both lessor and lessee can achieve their business and financial objectives without hardship. That can only be achieved when terms of the lease are reasonable and reasonably enforced.

If you have a commercial dispute regarding the assignment of a lease, exercise of an option, calculation of common area charges, responsibility for cleanup of hazardous materials, or any other lease matter, call us today at (310) 478-4349 or submit your information online to schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can help you. Lease disputes move very quickly and you must take immediate action to protect your rights.