Writs of Attachment

Our firm achieves fast resolution in matters of commercial litigation

We understand that it does little good to win a lawsuit only to discover the defendant has no assets with which to satisfy the judgment. This is why our firm utilizes writs of attachment as powerful and important tools in commercial litigation.

Attorney Abraham Mathew is skilled in the art of the writ. He and his firm will employ a writ of attachment to exert control over a bank account or certain other assets at the outset of litigation, which prevents the defendant from liquidating those assets (often done through spending, transfers or dissipating the asset). While a writ can be used for a claim on a contract, not a tort (e.g., for negligence), it cannot attach to real property, trusts or non-business assets.

Skillfully used, these so-called “prejudgment” writs can have the effect of speeding up the litigation process, usually by forcing the defendant to settle a lawsuit sooner rather than later. While that is not always the preferred outcome, it creates an option for the plaintiff.

Because we are a boutique firm, we take the time to understand the client’s priorities in litigious situations. The plan of action always is in keeping with the larger business goals of the plaintiff or defendant who we represent, and a skilled application of tools such as a writ of attachment is one way those goals are achieved.

If you have not been paid after having delivered goods or if you were served with an Application for a Right to Attach Order, call us immediately at (310) 478-4349 or submit your information online to schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can help you. Timing is absolutely critical in these cases to get a Writ of Attachment or to defeat an Application for a Writ.