Wage Hour Violation

Wage Hour Violation

Being paid an appropriate wage for your work should be a reasonable expectation for every worker. However, wage and hour violations routinely occur in California by employers who wish to save money by not paying their employees what is entitled to them. When this occurs, employers need to be held accountable and legal representation is necessary.

Some common wage and hour violations include the following:

  • When workers are not paid for all hours worked or are forced to work “off the clock”
  • When workers are denied meal breaks and rest periods
  • When workers do not receive all of their earned vacation pay or are not paid for their unused vacation upon leaving employment
  • When employees work overtime but are not properly compensated for it
  • When workers are not paid at a minimum wage (California’s minimum wage is $8/hr)
  • When workers are not reimbursed for work-related expenses such as mileage or work equipment
  • When a worker is misclassified as “exempt” or “salaried” and the employer fails to pay for overtime (8 hours a day and 40 in a week)

California law protects employees against wage and hour violations by their employers under the California Labor Code and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Hold employers accountable for workplace violations. Not only can this help you and your family, it can help deter future misconduct by unlawful employers.

You deserve fair compensation for your labor and services. If you believe you’ve been a victim of a wage or hour violation, call us today at (310) 478-4349 or submit your information online to schedule a free consultation. The Law Office of Mathew & George represents both individuals and groups in a variety of wage and hour violation lawsuits.