Family Business

Our firm resolves internal business conflicts with proper application of the law

Attorney Abraham Mathew understands that conflict within family-owned businesses is often – but not always – driven by financial upheaval. In other cases it may have to do with succession, personality clashes, nepotism (particularly as it affects non-family members), negligence or fraud. All too often, emotions take precedence over rational thinking.

It’s unfortunate, but not unusual, that an outside law firm like ours is necessary to resolving internal conflict. In these situations, we inject a clear mandate that the rule of law (contracts, meeting fiduciary responsibilities, satisfying compliance matters, etc.) be enforced. Along the way we help resolve what are sometimes festering situations that have a negative impact on the enterprise. Through this process, time and again, our firm saves families and their businesses.

Our firm has extensive experience with internal conflict within family owned businesses. Our approach is about communication and honesty with clients, from which legal matters and company business objectives can be coherently managed in a fair and consistent manner. This need not be a destructive action. Instead, we map a legal strategy that is best for the business. For our clients to win, it often is a matter of ensuring that the company wins as well. We employ a holistic approach for closely held companies that protects assets even as it achieves a fair outcome.

If internal conflicts are tearing your family business apart, call us today at (310) 478-4349 or submit information online to schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can help you. Act quickly before it is too late and it becomes impossible to salvage the business.