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In California, Property Owners Have a Duty to Guests

A person slips over a spilled substance in a grocery store and injures his back. The injured person would probably call it a slip and fall accident. A lawyer would call it a premises liability case.

Under California general negligence law, property owners have a duty to people who come onto their property as a client, consumer, patron or guest. That duty is to make sure that you are protected from known and unknown dangers on the property.

A known danger is a property condition the owner knew about, such as a pothole in a parking lot or a missing handrail on a stairway. An unknown danger is something that the property owner may not know about such as liquid spilled on a floor. With unknown dangers, there is a legal distinction between whether the danger is obvious or not obvious to the guest. Spilled water next to a swimming pool is obvious. Spilled water in a hotel lobby is not.

When an owner fails to take reasonable steps to prevent, warn or correct a dangerous property condition, and a guest is injured as a result, the injured party is entitled to compensation for damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, future care costs, loss of consortium and other losses.

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