Bone Fractures

Bone Fracture Injuries

Most people don’t think of getting a second opinion for treatment of a bone fracture. However, if not set properly, a broken leg, ankle or foot can change how you walk, leading to systemic problems in other parts of your body.

At the law firm of Mathew & George, our lawyers advocate for the injured. We represent people injured in slip and fall accidents, car accidents and other types of personal injury cases. Our goal in any personal injury accident is to make our clients whole – or as close to whole as possible. Often that means helping our clients get proper medical care and full compensation for their injuries.

Do You Need a Cast or Surgery for a Bone Fracture?

Your health care provider may have a financial incentive to recommend or decline certain types of treatment. For example, a multiple fracture in your leg or ankle may be treated by a cast or by surgery. While surgery is more expensive, it may also be the best treatment to undergo in order to realign the bones and properly heal from the injury.

With surgery, you could have a leg or ankle that is closer to what you had before versus a leg or ankle that is more off the mark. If you are unsure of the treatment you are receiving, you should get a second opinion.

What If I Don’t Have Medical Insurance

If you don’t have health insurance, our lawyers work with medical providers who are willing to provide your care on a lien basis. In other words, they will provide your medical care now and then place a lien against your personal injury case. Once your case is resolved by settlement or jury verdict, your medical provider will be paid from the proceeds.

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