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Protecting Your Rights If You Are Injured

When a guest is injured in a slip and fall accident in a hotel or resort, the response of the property’s managers is usually prompt and caring. However, while you are being cared for by a staff member or medical professional, the property managers may be doing things behind the scenes to reduce your chances of making a financial recovery.

At the law firm of Mathew & George, our lawyers are advocates for the injured. If you have been hurt in a slip and fall accident occurring in a hotel or resort, we offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Under California general liability laws, hotels and resorts have a duty to protect guests from injuries caused by dangerous conditions on their property. Examples of dangerous conditions in a hotel or resort include:

  • Water or other foreign substance on a floor that causes you to slip and fall
  • A step or variation in floor level that is not up to code or violates OSHA requirements
  • Poor lighting conditions that can cause you to trip over something you can’t see
  • A protrusion from a wall or ceiling that you can walk into
  • An area that has an unsafe edge that you can fall off
  • A construction area that is not protected
  • Misplaced objects that can cause you to trip

Hotel and Resort Incident Reports

Most hotels and resorts write up an incident report following an accident. However, this incident report offer favors the property owners, who will do almost anything to avoid liability. For example, the hotel may claim that you were drunk or did not look where you were going. To protect your rights, you should seek prompt medical attention and talk to a lawyer a soon as possible.

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