When you retain our firm, unfair competition is met by smart and aggressive litigation

We understand that competition is at the core of America’s free enterprise system and is the driver of better products and services, lower prices and innovation. By the same token, we know that unfair practices by competing firms can undermine the system, beginning with your business.

Abraham Mathew is a corporate litigator who can delve into the heart of the business issue of bad faith competition. Unscrupulous operators – very often ex-employees, and those who hire your ex-employees – are generally quite skilled in their willful acts at misappropriating intellectual property. Further, some competitors are guilty of dumping products into the marketplace at competition-killing prices (and below their own costs), or they engage in deceptive advertising that has a negative impact on your own enterprise. When a competitor illegally violates your trade dress or “palms off” their inferior goods as yours, it both steals from your revenue stream and can cause irreparable damage to your valuable brand.

Unfair and tortious misappropriations are sometimes criminal in nature and are always subject to civil court litigation. Our firm meets with companies facing unfair competitor practices and determines the case for pursuing a lawsuit by investigating and answering key issues up front: What has been taken, what might the long-term economic damages be (including reputation costs) and what will it take to win it back? The financial position (assets) of the defendant is a key consideration.

Our expertise assures that no unscrupulous competitor will get away with harming your business. As a boutique firm, we take the time to investigate how to stop them, identify if they can be stopped immediately, and determine how to recover all that was lost.

If your competitors are cheating and unfairly using your confidential business information or if they are infringing on your intellectual property, call us today at (310) 478-4349 or submit your information online to schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can help you. To stop these abusive business practices, you must act immediately to protect your rights.