Our firm has experience in litigating unfair competition from ex-employees

We understand that in this information age, a greater share of the workforce is valued for what they know as compared to what they produce, making misappropriation of information one of the biggest threats to businesses of all sizes – including your own.

As an experienced business law firm, we know your employees are entrusted with vital information that gives your enterprise its competitive edge: Indeed, some of your employees (as well as contractors) are the creators, inventors and designers of your most valuable products or services. But we also know that what is developed during employment in your company is a “work for hire,” meaning you own the work. And as employees have access to exceptionally important information such as product formulations or customer databases, they have the opportunity to take, use or sell that information for their own financial gain.

These actions are unlawful. Attorney Abraham Mathew, a corporate litigator with extensive experience in matters pertaining to unfair competition, has helped many companies such as yours to recover what is lost when an employee (most often an ex-employee) takes intellectual property and uses it to start their own business or to sell to a competing business. Because we are a boutique law firm, we take the time to investigate and identify evidence that achieves an optimum outcome for our client. This includes compensation for losses, attorneys and court fees, and often a punitive award where willful conduct can be proven.

Abraham Mathew is adept at probing the nature of employee information theft in order to win the case. This is always accomplished with a clear-eyed understanding of the costs of litigation. Our firm strives to develop legal strategies that will fit the business model and financial position of the company – the end goal always being to maximize our client’s opportunities for successful competition, at present and well into the future.

If a former employee starts a competing business or goes to work for a competitor and uses your company’s confidential trade secret information, call us today at (310) 478-4349 or submit your information online to schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can help you to put an immediate end to these unfair business practices.