Unfair competition requires decisive legal action by an experienced law firm

Our firm understands that in the realm of business litigation, the process in even the most clear-cut cases can require time – months, even years – to achieve a fully satisfying outcome. For the company facing unfair competitive practices, however, each day can seem like an eternity. Business owners and company executives don’t have the leisure to sit back and watch fraudulent, unlawful and unfair practices harm their revenues or brand.

Attorney Abraham Mathew, a business litigator, frequently and skillfully utilizes injunctions to stop unfair practices whenever possible. Injunctive relief can force a competitor to cease advertising that makes false claims. An injunction can also halt a misappropriated manufacturing process, an infringement on trade dress or false public disparagement of a company’s products, services or other aspects of its reputation.

In making a strong case for an injunction, our firm builds a case to demonstrate that the continuation of a particular act – television advertising, or a competitor-sponsored YouTube video that has gone viral – is causing irreparable harm.

If you, as a business owner or executive, have decided to act against unfair and unlawful business practices, contact us now. Our firm will map the best and most cost effective strategy to force offenders to cease and desist practices that harm your business’s short and long-term health.

If your confidential business information or trade secret has been stolen, injunctive relief can immediately put an end to the theft. Call us today at (310) 478-4349 or submit your information online to schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can help you. To get an injunction or to oppose it, immediate action is required.