Trade Secrets

Our firm aggressively pursues those who engage in unfair competitive practices

The law in California and most other states via the Uniform Trade Secrets Act is clear on trade secrets theft. It is not allowed and constitutes unfair competitive practices.

The law has been tested against non-compete clauses in employee contracts, which are largely ineffective at restricting individuals from going to work for competitor companies. In other words, those employees can likely jump ship and work for your marketplace competition. They cannot, however, take with them such things as customer, supplier or product data that would clearly provide their new employer an unfair advantage.

Experienced corporate litigator Abraham Mathew works with manufacturers, warehousing/shipping and professional services companies on trade secret misappropriation. Our firm understands that some situations fall into grey areas of the law and that many departing employees and their new employers are not aware of what they are allowed to do and not do – and therefore they may violate the law unknowingly. Also, trade secret theft can also come from independent contractors, vendors and the corporate intelligence operatives of competitors. In any situation, sharing of those trade secrets is still a form of threat.

Retaining a business firm of our stature strengthens your case, justifying the effort and investment you make to protect your enterprise from theft of trade secrets. This increases the possibility of achieving restitution and, under some circumstances, punitive damages.

If your business trade secrets have been stolen or if you are being sued for unfair competition and misappropriation, call us today at (310) 478-4349 or submit your information online to schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can help you. Timing is critical to get an injunction or to oppose it.