When Going Out Goes Wrong


Car Accidents

If the recent rainfall has shown us anything, it is that driving in Los Angeles can be tricky. Even rain can throw off drivers to where car accident rates rise. Even on a regular day, car accidents happen and determining who was at fault can be tricky. But what about when it comes to filing a lawsuit. Here are some reason why you should sue.

When You Should Sue after a Car Accident

Normally, car accidents are handled by insurance companies but not all are trustworthy. Normally the at-fault driver’s insurance company will try to low-ball you. Which is not enough to truly cover property damages, medical expenses, missed work, and other expenses. If they refuse to work with you, it may be time to sue for your compensation.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles

Injuries alone can cost exorbitant amount of money which health insurance may not cover. If the at-fault driver does not work with you nor their insurance company, it is time to see an attorney. At Mathew & George, our attorneys have the experience you need to file a lawsuit. Make sure you are fairly compensated today.

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